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Welcome to The Success Syndicate

The Success Syndicate is an emboldened support community for professionals to develop skills, talents and processes to be confident and effective in their personal and professional life.

Why The Success Syndicate?

  • Is this you now?

    • Are you a Business Leader / Executive?
    • Do you know something needs to change in order to get to the next level?
    • Is your work taking up too much of your family time?
    • Are you losing sight of the numbers in your business?
    • Do you have a feeling of loss of control?
    • Does life feel like hard work?
    • Do you need to make a change?
  • What do you want to be?

    • Do you want to feel supported and to no longer feel like you are in this alone?
    • Do you crave an environment where you can ask for help and not feel judged or insecure about doing so?
    • Do you want to be able to learn from others who have done what you are trying to achieve and learn their experience?
    • Do you want a a balanced home and business life?

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About The Success Syndicate

The Success Syndicate was setup to assist business leaders to be the best they can be.

Taking a 360 view of you, the program has been created to bring together the components of business finance, mental health and well-being, personal and group development.

Our aim is to give you the required clarity, focus and productivity to have the mental energy needed to live a full and satisfying life inside and outside of the business.

We understand that every individual is different. Your goals will be your own but your "Peer Pod" will help you to achieve your goals in a confidential, trusting and respectful environment.

Our "Peer Pods" use a guided group coaching and reciprocal peer mentoring approach combined with education on financial best practice and techniques to grow mental resilience.

We will enable you to achieve your most ambitious aims and reach your goals while having the satisfaction of a balanced professional and personal life.

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